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I’m a “Big Girl” Now!

Posted on: September 1, 2009

One month ago, Cameron started wearing her “big girl” panties and is doing very well using the “big girl” potty.  She will brag, “No more diapers!” and “I did it… poo poo in the potty!”  It has been such a blessing to be rid of the diapers.  It really does lighten the load around here (pun intended.)  She’ll still have some pee pee accidents, but usually catches them in time to make it to the potty.

Cameron also had her first stay away from both Mommy & Daddy around 2 weeks ago.  She went to stay with Grandma Schmelzer while Hal & I had a much needed mental & emotional break.  She did amazing & had so much fun with Grandma.  She has since asked to go back to Grandma’s!

Just before Cameron left for Grandma’s, we laid some carpet in her room & took the sofa out to make more room for her to keep more of her things in there & actually use it as a play space.  It freed up some space/clutter in our living area and gave her her own “special place”…. we called it her “Big Girl Room.”  She loved it immediately and kept saying, “Cameron’s room!”

Well, I think all this “Big Girl” talk has gone to her head because now she doesn’t want to sleep in her crib anymore.  Since Sunday, she keeps asking to sleep on the floor in her room.  We’ve let her & she’s actually slept great.. hasn’t tried to come out of her room or anything.  We see her laying there staring up at her ceiling fan.  She has never tried to climb out of the crib, so we weren’t in a rush to move her out of it, but it’s as if she’s telling us, “I’m a big girl now.   No more crib.”, so I guess we’ll keep her on the little floor pallette and start looking toward a toddler bed.

I don’t know why, but this transition in particular has made me sad!  It’s like the last sign that she is NOT a baby (or even a toddler)  anymore.  Didn’t I get the memo?  She’s a BIG KID now!  I get it Cameron, loud and clear.  She has done everything according to her own schedule, I just didn’t expect her to prompt this change, but I will follow her lead… that’s our job, right?

Monday was Cameron’s first day back at Mother’s Day Out.  It went well and she took her nap (without her lovies) and was happy when I came to get her in the afternoon.  I think she’s going to have a great time this year!

New things the past couple weeks:  somersaults, doing the splits, walking Simon on dog walks, gave up her booster seat for a …. drumroll… “big girl” chair, started to express interest and have fun helping Mommy cook/bake, loves to pretend to clip finger/toenails, learned her last name and started telling us “I’m the boss!”


2 Responses to "I’m a “Big Girl” Now!"

Cameron is really growing up! I think the carpet in her room prompted her sleeping on the floor, and also think that playing beauty parlor with Grandma and walking Punky when she was here spawned some of the other stuff!! Guilty as charged!! 🙂 It is so great to see her progress confidently!! I am a PROUD Grandma! XXXXX OOOOOXXXXOOO


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