The Bun is Out of the Oven

All’s Well That Ends Well

Posted on: July 10, 2009

Cameron woke up this morning with a cold…. congested and a mild fever.  I’m pretty certain she picked it up at the gym childcare center.   We headed out to get some Sinupret at CVS and came right back home.  I pulled in the garage, got out and went to get Cameron out.  After I unbuckled her, she climbed over to the other side of her seat… where I could barely reach her.  I should also note that I’m feeling pretty rotten from mold allergies and that the garage is about 115 degrees!  I asked her to scoot over so I could get her out, but she wouldn’t budge.  This is one of her new fun toddler games (written with sarcasm, of course.)  I  picked up the newspaper and set my purse and the bag in the entryway and came back to try and coax her out again.  Still, she wouldn’t move and was giving me that smug grin, like “Ha, I gotcha!”.   I told her I knew that she didn’t feel that great, but I didn’t either and that she needed to get out now.   I finally had to wrangle her out of there, kicking and screaming.  I came in and set her down on the rug in the entry, still kicking and screaming.  I walked away and went into the kitchen.  About 3-4 minutes later, Cameron comes up to me and says, “I was sad Momma.  I sorry.  Hot in car.  I sorry.  I was sad.”  And then she immediately got happy and gave me a hug.  Lately I tell her, “It’s OK to be sad sometimes, but then we can be happy, right?”  Anywho, she just has a such a sweet, sensitive heart and is very in tune with her emotions and those around her.   A tantrum can really take a lot out of you as a parent, so when it ends well like this morning I’m thankful and think of it as a learning experience for us both!


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